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Episode 9

Sarah Keyes - Bringing capital markets up to speed on ESG

Q chats with Sarah Keyes, CEO of ESG Global Advisors about her road to leading one of the top ESG consulting firms in Canada and how investment firms are tackling the big issue of ESG. She goes over how they implement ESG frameworks into existing policies, and they discuss all things climate, materiality and much, much more. Sarah Keyes: Qayyum Rajan:

Episode 8

Hila Hilary Katz - Opening up Israels Impact Ecosystem

Q chats to Hila-Hillary about her journey into the impact and innovation world, and how the Israeli Forum for Impact Economy is making strides in engaging different stakeholders to set the stage for impact investment. They discuss a world where money is just part of the equation, and the work that needs to be done by many different groups in order to foster change. ESG Analytics: Hilla-Hillary Katz: Qayyum Rajan:

Episode 8

Using investing to guide better corporate decisions with Kelly Hirsch

Q chats with Kelly Hirsch, CFA - Head of ESG at Vancity Asset Management about what it looks like to navigate the complicated world of ESG. They chat about the opportunities for corporations to make better decisions, her journey into the ESG world, Anti Microbial Resistance (AMR) and lots more!

Episode 6

Building a sustainable future by default with Petra Janney

Q chats with Petra Janney, founder at Hatcher LLC - a sustainability advisory and incubator firm. Petras deep passion for sustainability shines through as they discuss how she founded Hatcher, and the kinds of work they do with clients. They talk about creating a sustainable future, and where the opportunities are for companies to embed this as part of their DNA as not only the right choice, but also the obvious one. They take a look at an optimistic future, which appears to be right in the palm of our hands.

Episode 5

Building a sustainable narrative with Alyssa Barry and Caroline Sawamoto

Q interviews Alyssa and Caroline, the founders of IR Labs - an investor relations firm that is build for the modern world. They discuss how investor relations today is about so much more than just a press release, and the many things that companys need to take into account. Listen to hear more about why ESG matters more than ever today, and how the market keeps promises made in check. Alyssa and Caroline also share how companys can get started with developing their strategy to communicate their ESG strategy, and progress to the capital markets.

Episode 4

Demystifying the world of carbon measurement and trading with Alastair Handley

Carbon is a hot topic at the moment, but it can be quite an opaque industry. From measurement of a companys emissions, to issuing and trading carbon credits - this mysterious world is what Alastair Handley lives for as the CEO of Radicle. Q and Alastair discuss his journey into this world, and take a look behind the scenes of quantifying carbon emissions for companys, and how the issuance and trading of carbon credits work in markets globally. They also discuss the massive opportunities that exist for the SME market, and Alastair gives one of the best analogies for carbon trading that you will ever hear. You can find Alastair on LinkedIn at Learn more about Radicle at

Episode 3

What does a sustainability data engineer do? With Thibault Twahirwa

Q interviews Thibault - who has held the interesting role of a Sustainability Data Engineer. What does that actually mean ? Listen as they discuss the different types of data that exists in the ESG world, and the process involved in mapping this all together. They discuss some of the shortfalls of data today, such as for private companies and GHG emissions, along with working in a field with purpose. Its a facinating topic, that can go under the radar, but makes up many of the estimates, scores and measures that we use today. Find Thibault on LinkedIn at

Episode 2

Advising Advisors on ESG Processes with Bonnie Triechel

Welcome to Episode 2 of the Real People, Real Impact podcast brought to you by ESG Analytics. Bonnie brings a wealth of expertise covering governance and ESG at her company, Endeavour Retirement. In this episode we interview Bonnie Triechel to discuss how advisors can implement ESG processes, why this matters and whats in it for them as they navigate this ever changing world.

Episode 1

The numbers and the narrative of ESG with Michael Young

Welcome to Episode 1 of the Real People, Real Impact podcast brought to you by ESG Analytics. In this episode we interview Michael Young to discuss all things ESG communication - and how the largest companies in the world are approaching this. We discuss key trends and get to know his journey into creating multiple PR & communication agencies that play a pivotal role in forming the narrative and the numbers of ESG today.